I hate politics. Let me start there.

I hate political debates. I hate talking to people about politics. I hate politicians. However, I’m fascinated by political theory.

I have taught political philosophy to college students — everything from basic intro classes to a course specifically on just war theory, but…

Photo by Louis Reed on Unsplash

Many years ago, my uncle told me that New Jersey was the artificial flavor capital of the world, and I have thought about this way too much ever since.

Indeed, there are dozens of companies that manufacture artificial flavors located in New Jersey. Givaudan, a Swiss company, is the world’s…

I don’t feel at home in the world. It’s more than the fact that I find most human institutions in the world hostile. After all, they’re hostile to most people. And it’s more than just not feeling a sense of belonging with other people, though I don’t have much of…

Heidi S.

PhD in philosophy | Feminist | Anarchist | Pop culture junkie

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