A Pandemic Doesn’t End Just Because You Want It To

Heidi S.
9 min readFeb 13, 2022

What they don’t tell you when you learn about the Plague or the 1918 influenza pandemic is how unfathomably annoying everyone will be.

Set aside the politicization for a moment. There are people out here, nearly two years in, whining about wearing masks and restaurants closing and wanting to go back to normal. And when I hear this, I feel like I’m talking to a child who is throwing a tantrum because they want to ride on a brontosaurus. I don’t know what to tell you, Sport, that’s just not how it works. A pandemic doesn’t end just because you don’t wike it.

I feel like I am losing my mind.

Close up of a man rubbing his temples in annoyance
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As I’m writing this, the official number of people in the US reported to have died from Covid-19 is 910,373. And that number is sure to hit a million by April. Because people are still dying. More than 63,000 people died in January 2022. That’s more than the population of Youngstown, Ohio. This pandemic isn’t over no matter how much you pretend it is.

Hospitals are still overwhelmed by Covid-19 patients (2/4/2022), and in many places this has caused people who need other medical procedures to be turned away. The media’s line was that the omicron variant was “mild.” Meanwhile, hospitalizations hit a new high in January 2022 with the omicron surge.

The average number of daily cases in my state (Illinois) has been between 6,000–7,000 over the last seven days, which is higher than it has been for most of the pandemic. But the governor is about to lift mask mandates, supposedly because numbers are trending down. Of course, it’s really because people keep complaining about them.

I understand that retail workers dealing with irate customers who refuse to comply with mask mandates goes way outside their job duties. And that’s a legitimate complaint. But that’s a complaint about entitled assholish customers, not about mask mandates.

Meanwhile, there are parents protesting their child having to wear a simple face covering at school — a face covering which is the bare minimum protection for their child. Students of these parents are protesting, too (2/11/2022). This was one of the compromises for having in-person learning at all, which these parents were also up in arms about. And of course, this goes against



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